East Asian Studies Bachelor's Degree

Hone your communication skills, cultural knowledge, and historic perspective in this unique degree program in East Asian studies.

One of the only programs of its kind, UMGC’s East Asian Studies major provides an overview of the history, economics, politics, culture, and languages of the East Asian region, including China, Korea, and Japan. In this program, you’ll examine East Asia’s rich past and continuing contributions to the global community.

This program is ideal for those who live or work in East Asia, know East Asian languages, or regularly interact with people from East Asian countries.

This program is also available as a minor.

Your Coursework in East Asian Studies

Through your courses, you’ll gain an understanding of East Asia based on both expanded cultural awareness and scholarly analysis. You’ll build a foundation of knowledge that enriches your appreciation of the area while helping you prepare for a range of careers—such as translator, teacher, reporter, analyst, or nonprofit field employee— that require a broad understanding of the culture and region.

What You'll Learn

Through your coursework, you will learn how to

  • Interpret, communicate, educate, and advise others based on your understanding, research, and analysis of the social, historical, and cultural contexts of East Asia
  • Use your knowledge of East Asia to identify, create, facilitate, and promote opportunities for interaction and cooperation between Asia and the global community
  • Apply your knowledge of East Asian diversity, values, and expectations to perform in a culturally appropriate way in personal and professional settings
  • Write and speak an East Asian language, integrating interpersonal skills and cultural knowledge

Coursework Examples

In past projects, students have had the opportunity to

  • Create a presentation to raise awareness and educate others about various aspects of East Asian culture, history, and politics
  • Create a presentation in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean that demonstrates an ability to speak, read, and write the language
  • Write a research paper about a specific subject using primary source material

Degree Requirements

A degree with a major in East Asian studies requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 30 credits for the major; 41 credits in general education requirements; and 49 credits in the minor, electives, and other degree requirements. At least 15 credits in the major must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above). See overall degree requirements.

Courses in the Major (30 Credits)

East Asian Language courses (9)—Courses designated CHIN, JAPN, or KORN and numbered 111, 112, 114, or higher

Upper-level East Asian content courses (9)—ASTD, CHIN, JAPN, KORN, Asian HIST, and Asian GVPT courses and ANTH 417 apply. Focused study in China, Japan, or Korea is recommended, as follows:




General Education Courses (41 Credits)

Since some recommended courses fulfill more than one requirement, substituting courses for those listed may require you to take additional courses to meet degree requirements. Consult an advisor whenever taking advantage of other options. See information on alternate courses (where allowable) to fulfill general education requirements (in communications, arts and humanities, behavioral and social sciences, biological and physical sciences, mathematics, and interdisciplinary issues).

Research Course

Introduction to Research (1 Credit, LIBS 150) (to be taken in first 6 credits)

Writing Courses

Writing Courses

Arts and Humanities Courses

Behavioral and Social Science Courses

Biological and Physical Sciences Courses

Math Course

College Mathematics (3 Credits, MATH 103)
or other 3-credit MATH course at or above the level of college algebra

Computing Courses

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