Placement Testing

Introduction to Placement Testing at UMGC

Before taking a math course at UMGC, you are required to take a free placement test. To assess your skill levels UMGC uses a diagnostic tool called Accuplacer. We have found that proper placement in the critical core courses of math helps to ensure student success and allow students to advance more quickly to their degree goals. Our testing is done online in a proctored setting. There is no cost to you for taking a placement test. Use of calculators, other electronic devices, and study aids are not permitted while taking a placement test.

You are expected to take the general education math requirement (MATH 103, MATH 106, or MATH 107) within your first 18 credit hours at UMGC. Your academic advisor is your best resource for answering questions regarding this requirement. Placement testing is required before you can enroll in most math classes.

You are exempt from the placement requirement for math only if you are transferring credit demonstrating successful completion of MATH 106 or 107, or if you choose to begin with MATH 009. You may also be exempt from taking the placement test if you choose to begin with MATH 103 and are not required to take MATH 106 or 107.

About Placement Tests

Math Placement Test

The math placement test covers three areas. An arithmetic test measures your ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and to solve problems that involve fundamental arithmetic concepts. The elementary test measures your ability to perform algebraic operations and to solve problems that involve elementary algebraic concepts. The college-level test measures your ability to solve problems usually found in college-level mathematics concepts.

Best Time to Take Your Placement Tests

We recommend students take placement tests immediately upon enrollment in the university. Please remember that you cannot register for most math courses until you have completed placement testing.

Test Result Posting

While test results are generally downloaded to students' records on a daily basis, it is strongly recommended that placement tests be taken at least four working days before the last day of term registration. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your results will be posted with sufficient time before the registration deadline. Your final score is used to determine course placement. UMGC uses standard guidelines for placement as established by the state of Maryland. You cannot fail a placement test.

How to Take Placement Tests

Contact a program coordinator at your location to schedule a testing time at the education center on base.

If you have a disability or temporary disabling condition that will prevent you from taking the tests under standard test conditions, contact your local program coordinator to discuss your options.

Tips for Taking Placement Tests

  1. Take a practice test. To locate placement tests online, use a search engine and search for "Accuplacer practice tests" or go directly to the practice tests with Accuplacer.
  2. Relax! Arrive early to the test site, acquaint yourself with the environment, and gather your thoughts. Even though the test is online, the system is easy to use and the test is easy to take.
  3. Make sure you understand all administrative directions given to you. Don't be afraid to ask your proctors to repeat instructions you may not have understood. When prompted for your Student ID number, enter your EmplID number. You can locate this number in MyUMGC by visiting the Profile section, accessible from the user icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. Remember to answer each question as it is presented to you on the screen. You cannot skip the question and go back later; because questions are multiple-choice, take a few minutes to logically eliminate one or more choices before picking your final response.
  5. Remember — there is no failing grade. Just answer each question to the best of your ability.