Below are two groups of questions asked most often about Learning Experience Online, the new online classroom at University of Maryland Global Campus.

The first group is general questions about LEO. The second group covers using LEO. Answers in the second group are linked to the Knowledge Base at Help@UMGC.

Visit Get Help with Learning Experience Online for further assistance with LEO.

General Questions

What is Learning Experience Online?

Learning Experience Online is the new online classroom at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). LEO is replacing WebTycho, our previous learning system.

Why is UMGC implementing LEO?

Nothing is more important than giving our students the absolute best learning experience. That's why we launched Learning Experience Online, our new online classroom. LEO is packed with innovative technology and new features that will enhance your learning experience.

What if I have questions about LEO or need training or support?

Please visit Get Help with Learning Experience Online. Our help page contains comprehensive support information.

What are some of LEO's key features?

An interactive calendar makes it easy to track assignments, deadlines, and course events. You'll know exactly where you stand in a class with an enhanced progress tool, and audio messaging and other features enable you to easily receive feedback from your instructor and classmates.

Can I use LEO on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can access Learning Experience Online, the new online classroom at UMGC, on your smartphone and tablet.

Does UMGC offer an application for my smartphone or tablet?

We don't yet have a UMGC mobile application. For now, you can use the web browser on your mobile device to access Learning Experience Online, the new online classroom at UMGC. As soon as our application becomes available, we'll let you know.

Does the LEO calendar show events for one class or all classes?

The default setting for your calendar is to show events and activities for all of the classes you are taking in the new system. You can filter for a particular class by clicking into a detailed calendar view and selecting it from a drop-down menu.

Does LEO have any software or hardware requirements?

Please ensure that your web browser has Java software and cookies enabled. LEO requires both. Also, please install Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 or greater. This plug-in for your web browser will enable you to use the audio- and video-recording features in LEO.

What happens if there's a system outage?

As with any system, there may be outages. We'll notify you several weeks in advance of any scheduled system outage or maintenance to LEO. We'll also notify you if there's an unplanned system outage. In either case, notifications will be posted on MyUMGC. LEO also has an alerts feature. We'll post notifications there, too.

Using LEO

How do I reset my password?

How do I change my current password?

How do I search for a class?

How do I access a classroom when presented with Equella login page?

How do I attach file in discussion forum topics?

How do I view feedback in assignments?

How do I edit my profile?

How do I upload a file to my locker?

How do I change my e-mail address for notifications?

How do I reply to a message in discussions?

How do I post to a discussion?

How do I submit an assignment?

Is there a file size limit for assignment submissions?

There is NO file size limits for assignment submissions in LEO.

Note: If you submit large assignment files (ex. Several GB's) on a slow internet connection, you may encounter a browser timeout issue due to the large file size. This is not related to size limits imposed by LEO.

How do I submit to an assignment folder?

How do I access submitted assignments?

How do I check my messages?

How do I check who's online from the class list?

How do I access the news tool?

How do I read messages in discussions (grid style)?

How do I manage chat settings?

Can students delete discussion posts, topics, and Messages?