UMGC Asia National Test Centers

UMGC Asia National Test Centers

Take your CLEP, DSST, Pearson VUE, and other computer-based exams on base at our convenient locations.

National Test Centers (NTCs) offer on-site testing services to include College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and Pearson VUE online examinations and certifications. Availability of exams is specific to your location. Please contact your NTC to see what is offered.

Available Tests


Available now!

ASE has partnered with UMGC Asia to offer the full menu of ASE certification tests to US military personnel and DOD logistically supported candidates during a pilot program at two selected National Test Centers (NTCs) in Asia.

Take the next step to become a professional automotive technician by earning Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications – trusted by consumers and employers nationwide as a sign of automotive technician knowledge and skills. ASE offers 40-plus exams grouped into specialties such as automobile, medium/heavy truck, collision repair, and more.

ASE exams are now available at National Test Centers on:

Camp Foster, Okinawa

Camp Humphreys, Korea

Note: These test centers are generally not available to civilians. The NTCs are on-base, and are only accessible to military personnel, contractors and those with who are otherwise approved to be on the base. Civilians who do not already have access to the base will not be able to use the NTCs.


Receive college credit by earning qualifying scores on any of 33 examinations. Disciplines include composition, literature, foreign languages, history, social sciences, science, mathematics, and business. To learn how CLEP exams can be articulated for UMGC credit, see College-Level Examination Program.

For complete instructions, please select your local site below.


College credit is available in over 30 unique subjects. Disciplines include business, humanities, mathematics, physical science, and more. To learn how DSST exams can be articulated for UMGC credit, read about transferring DSST credit.

You can schedule a testing appointment with your local NTC through the reservation system.

Excelsior College Examinations

Earn college-level credit in select subject areas by passing Excelsior College exams.


Registering for the GED Test

As of 1 October 2016 the DANTES jurisdiction of the GED Test has been discontinued, but students are still able to test. The University of Maryland Global Campus Asia test centers are contracted through the U.S. Government but don’t show under “other countries” when trying to identify a test center from the GED Testing Service homepage. The only way to register for the exam is by calling and providing the customer service representative with the test center site code (see below) for where you want your test administered at. Please remember that all SOFA regulations apply to those requesting testing services at our facilities. Exceptions will not be made. If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact the applicable test center below.

Students who will be testing on international military bases would need to set up their account with their desired address, but will choose their testing jurisdiction as "Other Countries." They would be welcome to set up their own account online at or by calling Customer Service.

In order to schedule an exam, the student will need to call Customer Service  since their online scheduling system would prevent them from choosing the military base testing centers. They should specify that they are trying to schedule at an international military base to ensure they are scheduled appropriately. Each of the four exam subjects would currently be $75.00. Please note, exam fees are subject to change, so you can always see the current exam fee at their International Policy Page

Test Site Codes for University of Maryland Global Campus Asia test centers:

Anderson - 55669Casey - 55667Atsugi - 55663Kadena - 55609
NB Guam - 55668Henry - 62983Iwakuni - 55662 
 Humphreys - 72626Misawa - 55660 
 Kunsan - 55666Sasebo - 55661 
 Osan - 55665Yokosuka - 55659 
  Yokota - 55656 
  Zama - 55676 


Military Policy Page

Pearson VUE

NTCs now offering Microsoft exams! Get Microsoft certified via Pearson VUE testing today. Learn more

Many professional licensures and certifications are available with a wide variety of information technology (IT) examinations to include Cisco, Linux, Novell, and CompTIA. To learn more, visit Pearson VUE. Find out which UMGC courses are equivalent to the certifications earned through Pearson VUE exams.

Proctored Exams

UMGC is proud to announce that we now provide third party testing to our customer population overseas.  The eligibility to receive this service is defined below.  To request proctoring service please email directly to the site that you wish to proctor your examination.  Site locations are found below on this page.  There will be a $25 (per exam) sitting fee, payable by credit or debit card after completing the proctored exam, charged for exams that last for 3 hours or less. An additional $10 fee will be incurred for every additional hour, up to 6 hours of testing time.

Please use our Third-Party Proctored Exam form to initiate this service.

Test Center Locations

Find information on testing schedules, make a reservation, or contact your NTC site directly:

Who is Eligible?

The National Test Center is located on a US military base and is accessible to eligible military and civilian examinees who are authorized to enter the base and use base facilities in accordance with local base command policies. If you are unsure of installation command policies for use of the base Education Center, please contact the Education Services Officer at the Education Center for eligibility requirements.

DANTES-funded personnel will be required to present their military identification at the time of examination. DANTES-funding is limited to one free attempt per exam title for all CLEP/DSST exams. Self-funded personnel will be required to present qualifying identification based on the requirements of the exams for which they are participating. Ask your local test coordinator for more information.

Please note: Self-funded personnel will incur a seating fee of $25 in addition to the cost for testing; contact your local test coordinator for details. Payment can only be accepted by credit or debit card.

DANTES-funded testers who are self-funding a retake of an exam, including retakes offered as part of vendor promotional events, are required to pay the $25 sitting fee as well.


Contact Us


For more information about National Test Centers, please contact a local UMGC Asia NTC or the UMGC Asia headquarters directly at:

Contact Information

Civilian: +81-(0)425-52-2511 x 53680. Ask to speak to the NTC Manager.
DSN: 315-225-3680