Transformational Leadership Program Courses

Repositioning Your Leadership Skills (TLP 610, 6 Credits)

Discover how leadership takes place within organizations, and master the most effective leadership styles for directing individuals, projects, and groups to success. Demonstrate the differences between managing and leading and use those competencies to motivate and inspire individuals to prepare them for future challenges and opportunities. Explore the various roles that leaders take on in domestic and global markets and how leaders influence events that can drive success through individual and collaborative efforts. Create your own personal brand as you begin your journey toward becoming a transformational leader.

Leading in the Organization (TLP 620, 6 Credits)

Analyze the dynamics involved in leading a workforce of multigenerational and diverse talent. Develop strategies for facilitating an inclusive work culture and maximizing the varied skill sets and experiences of employees. Weigh the impact of workforce change on organizations and the potential challenges that run counter to respectful, civil, and ethical work environments. Create retention and succession planning strategies and techniques for coaching and mentoring emerging leaders.

Leading with Strategy and Performance Measures (TLP 630, 6 Credits)

Gain the tools needed to assess the organization¿s bottom line and determine action steps for growth and sustainability. Apply strategic management theories and practice to measure and motivate organizational performance and identify trends and the different stages of the organization¿s life cycle. Become proficient in using tools to review and interpret analytics and financial data that can drive short- and long-range strategic decisions and identify potential deficiencies that run counter to the organization¿s mission and goals.

Leading through Change and Uncertainty (TLP 640, 6 Credits)

Apply change management techniques for leading and maintaining stability during unplanned, turbulent events within the organization. Analyze and implement strategic planning and decision-making approaches to diagnose the symptoms and predictors of organizational challenges and obstacles to change. Utilize quality management models to assess organizational performance and process reengineering and to forecast outcomes and resistance to change at the individual, group, and organization levels.

Leadership Capstone (TLP 670, 6 Credits)

Assume the role of leader of a real-world consulting project. Apply the techniques of project management as you collaborate with a partnering organization to develop a strategic and financial plan to address an organizational issue. Utilize client-relationship management techniques, organizational diagnosis models, and coaching and presentation skills to complete your consulting project and showcase your solutions and plans to your partner organization.