Doldari Program for Academic English

UMGC Asia offers the Doldari Program to foreign student learners in Korea who have had previous experience in the English language but have not achieved the required proficiency scores to be admitted as regular students.

The five-course sequence (with a sixth, optional course) is designed to improve fundamental speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Academic English for you to achieve a higher level of proficiency and facilitate your transition into the U.S. higher education system. The Doldari Program also aims to orient you to a western-style university so that you will be confident in pursuing additional courses and potentially a full degree with UMGC.


The Doldari Program is currently offered on Humphreys and Osan. The program may soon expand to other areas in Korea. If the Doldari Program is not available at your location, please contact the Doldari Program Coordinator so they may document your interest in the program.

More information (PDF)

Eligibility Requirements

Student Categories

  • Korean Citizens, who are permanent employees of USFK (KGS and KWB)
  • Republic of Korea military personnel assigned to UNC/CFC/USFK, including KATUSAs
  • SOFA personnel, SOFA spouses and dependents
  • Dependents of U.S. military retirees

Required Test Scores*

 Doldari ProgramRegular Student

    *Test scores are waived for Base employees (KGS/KWB), SOFA personnel (spouses and dependents), and KATUSA or ROK military personnel assigned to UNC, CFC, or USFK

    Doldari Course Sequence

    Session 1UMEI 030Interpersonal Communication Skills (3 institutional cr.)
    Session 2UMEI 020Integrated Skills for College Literacy (3 institutional cr.)
    Session 3EDCP 102Integrated Skills for Academic Success (3 cr.)
    Session 4EDCP 103XFundamentals of Writing and Grammar (3 cr.)
    Session 5WRTG 101XIntroduction to Writing (3 cr.)
    Session 6SPCH 100X (Optional)Foundations of Speech Communication (3 cr.)

    Applicant Requirements

    All applicants must submit the following:

    • Official high school transcripts in English.
    • Copies of USFK Form 37EK and USFK ID cards that identify them as either KGS or KWB employees, or a certiciate of employment issued by the USFK Civilian Personnel Office. 

    * SOFA status students for whom English is not a native language or who have not attended U.S. high school need to complete an essay as part of your application.
    * Base employees (KGS/KWB) will need an endorsement letter from his/her supervisor to confirm eligibility. 


    Advanced PC & Doldari Program Coordinator