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Computer Science
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Harold Flynn holds a BS and MS in computer science from Troy University. 

Collegiate Associate Professor

Dr. Frey holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, with a double major in animal science and history, and a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree from Parker University. Dr. Frey, licensed in Arizona and Washington, ran a private practice for 11 years, specializing in human and equine movement. She concurrently taught post-graduate courses for doctors and other health professionals. She has taught at Olympic College in Washington and at UMUC in Japan since 2012.  

Asian Studies, Japanese Language
Adjunct Instructor
Prof. Fukuyama received his B.A. in English and education from the University of the Ryukyus and took graduate work in business administration at Michigan State University. He holds a California community college teaching credential as well as a Government of the Ryukyus teaching certification for secondary-level English, and taught in the Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Mr. Fukuyama has several years of experience in the business world as a hotel manager, training coordinator, sales manager, and English teacher, and served as a personnel specialist for U.S. Air Force and Army civilian personnel offices. Before joining UMUC he taught for Los Angeles Metropolitan College in Okinawa. He joined the UMUC Asia faculty in 1984 and has taught courses in Japanese language and culture regularly since then at locations throughout Okinawa.
Adjunct Instructor
Prof. Fukuyama holds an MA from the University of Washington and a BA from Whitman College.
Akira Furugen
Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. Furugen received his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California at San Diego, and his M.S., also in mathematics, from West Texas State University. He has taught at West Texas State University and Okinawa Kokusai University, and at the secondary level in both the United States and Okinawa. Mr. Furugen joined the Asian Division faculty in 1985 and has taught regularly since then at most of the Maryland sites in Okinawa, handling mathematics courses from introductory algebra through calculus. Mr. Furugen received a Teaching Recognition Award in 2012.

Anthropology, Sociology
Adjunct Professor
Dr. Garrigues holds the position of Professor at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea, where he has been teaching since 1986, and as an Adjunct Professor he has been teaching classes in Anthropology, Sociology, and Asian Studies for UMUC in Korea since 1985. He was born in the US, but prefers to think of himself as a world citizen, and most of his life has been spent in the Asia-Pacific region (including 7 years in Japan, 4 years in India, 6 years in Tonga, and over 30 years in Korea). Being raised as a "military brat" a significant part of his childhood was spent in China, Okinawa and Japan, which gave him his early taste for Asia. He did his BA in Japanese history at Sophia University in Tokyo, and both his MA (Colorado State University) and PhD (Lucknow University, India) are in cultural anthropology. His research interests are in comparative semantics, and language and culture, but his true passions are photography and world music. Dr. Garrigues was the recipient of the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award for 2011.
Marcia Gladney
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Marcia Gladney is the Regional Family Readiness Director, Department of Navy (DON), Joint Region Marianas, Guam. She serves as the principal advisor on human services matters; develops and implements family service member programs related to readiness and retention. Ensures the appropriate implementation of Navy policies and priorities to include the provisions and intents of new emerging programs. Ms. Gladney oversees and coordinates all regional Family Readiness Programs with Installations and maintains close and continuous contact with leaders of military resource agencies. She ensures appropriated funds are available to meet all program requirements and initiations program and contract modifications. She serves as the Regional Sexual Assault Response Coordinator by ensuring sexual assault case data is uploaded into appropriate DoD information systems and victim care is coordinated with appropriate referral agencies.

Prof. Gladney has been an Adjunct Professor for over seven years, developing highly effective lesson plans, motivational exercises and performance assessments. She has taught numerous Management Information Systems and Business related courses to include Database Management Concepts, Introduction to Computers, Managing Information Systems and International Business. Ms. Gladney earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University and her Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Northcentral University.  Ms. Gladney earned her Doctorate in Business Administration with emphasis on Management Information Systems from Northcentral University. 

Accounting, Business Management
Collegiate Professor

Dr. Gould holds the rank of Collegiate Professor with UMUC-Asia. He first joined the faculty of UMUC in 1997-1998 at Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. He teaches undergraduate courses in Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics, and graduate courses in the MBA program. Dr. Gould has served as a member of the UMUC collegiate faculty in Germany for the 2002-2005 academic years, in the United Kingdom for the 2008-2010 academic years, and in Italy and Germany for the 2014-2017 academic years. He was the UMUC-Europe Faculty Peer for ACCT/ECON/FINC for 2007-2010. Dr. Gould holds the B.A. degree from Oberlin College (Ohio), the M.B.A. degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Doctor of Management (D.Mgt.) degree from the University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, Maryland. His doctoral dissertation applied management practice to higher education, and is titled "A Stakeholder View of Organizational Adaptation to Technological Change: The Case of U. S. Public Universities, 2003-2012."Dr. Gould has served as the General Manager of the Community Support Association of the American Consulate General, Frankfurt, Germany. He has also directed the USAF Income Tax Preparation Centers at the 35th Fighter Wing, Misawa AB, Japan, and the 423rd Air Base Group, RAF Alconbury, England. Dr. Gould has owned and operated a business-consulting firm serving small businesses and non-profit organizations in Northern California. In addition, he served on the staff of the Accounting Department at UMUC's European Headquarters, when it was located in Heidelberg, Germany. Dr. Gould will be teaching in the Asian Division for the first time in the 2017-18 academic year.

Keith Graff
Business and Management
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Keith Graff served in the U.S. Navy from 1980 till his retirement as a Chief Petty Officer in 2005. He earned his (HM) “Doctor-Rate” at Naval Hospital Corps School Great Lakes Illinois. Approximately half of his Navy career was spent serving the Fleet Marine Force. While on active duty he utilized his military education Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits to earn a B.S. from UMUC, and his M.A. from Webster University. After retirement, he utilized his Post 9-11 G.I. Bill benefits to earn a M.S. from Troy University and he also completed additional work toward the PhD. As a result of his diverse educational background, Mr. Graff is cleared to teach a wide variety of courses in Asian Studies, Business Management, Government and Human Resource Management. He began working part time with UMUC Asia in an administrative capacity, started to teach as an Adjunct Instructor in 2010 and was promoted to the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor in 2014. He lives in Okinawa and has worked as a freelance travel writer and photographer with more than 200 published articles to his credit. In 2015, Prof. Graff was presented with the UMUC Teaching Recognition Award for Asia.