Undergraduate Faculty Listing

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Business Management
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Calhoun holds a MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and a BS in business administration in accounting from the University of Maine.

LeSean Carey
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor Carey earned her BA and M.T. from the University of Virginia in English Literature/Composition and Secondary English Education.

Elizabeth Cena
Accounting, Business Management & Law
Collegiate Assistant Professor

Prof. Elizabeth Cena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, major in Accounting and an MBA from Polytechnic University of the Philippines and MS in Management from Troy State University in 20014. She took her LLB (Bachelor of Laws), JD from the University of the East/UP in 1987. Ms. Cena has several years of professional employment experience as an Internal/External Auditor, Financial Analyst, Legal Researcher, Finance & Administrative Manager, Controller and CFO in various corporate offices. She used to be Associate Comptroller of the University of Guam and currently Corporate Finance Officer of Guam Federation of Teachers. Prof. Cena joined UMUC Asia in 2008 and currently teaching accounting and business law subjects. In 2016, she received the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence award from the University of Maryland (UMUC) Asia.

Human Resources
Adjunct Instructor

Prof. Louis Chapa holds an M.A. in organizational management specialzing in Human Resources from Ashford University and a B.S. in applied arts and science from the University of North Texas. 

Korean Language
Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. Cheon has been teaching Korean since 1987. She taught Korean Language at Jeonbuk University and the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) before joining the UMUC faculty in 2010. Ms. Cheon received her Bachelor’s degree from Jeonbuk University and her Master’s from the University of Louisville. She also spent time studying linguistics in High Wycombe, England at the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Criminal Justice, Korean Language
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Choi is a veteran of the Criminal Justice faculty for UMUC Asia. He earned his BS in Criminal Justice from Tennessee State University, his MPA in Judicial/Public Security and PhD in Law with a concentration in International Criminal Jurisdiction from Yonsei University, where his doctoral dissertation was about Criminal Jurisdiction of the US - Korea Status Forces Agreement (SOFA). Dr. Choi was invited as a Visiting Scholar to conduct extensive research in International Criminal Jurisdiction issues for the US Military at the University of Washington School Law for two years. Dr. Choi has over 20 years of progressive experience/responsibility in International Law Enforcement Operations, Transnational Criminal Jurisdiction Coordination, International Criminal Justice Cooperation, Antiterrorism/Force Protection, and various bilateral liaison and host national negotiations. Dr. Choi currently serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at UMUC Asia.

Collegiate Instructor
Prof. Cochran-Murray earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from The University of South Alabama. In her home state, she taught at her alma matter as well as at a boarding school, The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS). While at ASMS, Ms. Cochran-Murray coordinated a Student Internship Program and served as a National Speech and Debate Association coach. Although Ms. Cochran-Murray primarily teaches Speech for UMUC, she has also taught English Composition, American Literature, Professional Communication, Debate, and Journalism.
Business and Management
Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Isidra Coloma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education, Master in Business Education and Ph.D. in Educational Management from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She served as Business Consultant among small business firms while managing her personal business. She was employed as Dean of the College of Business Administration and Information Technology for 11 years and has taught Education, Business and Management in different colleges and universities, including Asian, American, Australian, Canadian and British education systems. Her research on Leadership and Management has been presented at international conferences and she has published articles in management and education. She is currently the administrator for an architectural design firm and a Curriculum Director/Registrar at an exclusive school for girls. Dr. Coloma joined UMUC Asia in January, 2009.
Tom Colton
Collegiate Associate Professor

Professor Thomas Colton received a Master of Education degree in TESOL from Temple University, Philadelphia in 1991. Professor Colton taught English courses at a number of Japanese Universities and Colleges in both the Kansai and Kanto regions of Japan from 1985 to 1997. He was also a teacher of developmental and college English courses in the Languages and Humanities Department of Northern Marianas College on Saipan from 1997 to 2018. During his time at NMC, Professor Colton developed several online courses, restructured its English placement test, and served as a department chair for two years. He also had the opportunity to attend a five-day conference on learning communities at Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington in 2010, and then teach several courses in NMC’s own learning communities program. In 2017, Professor Colton contributed an article on tourism to the Contemporary Marianas Book Project.