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Mark Rendon
Mark Rendon
Business and Management
Collegiate Professor

Professor Mark Rendon has over twenty five years of experience as a founder/CEO of global startups and as top executive of large corporates.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and led as CEO a high-profile venture and private equity funded international high technology startup company (acquired by and now M1 Singapore (SGX: BN4); and founded and led as CEO an international commodity trading company.

As a corporate executive he served as President, Asia for a Fortune 500 Telecom (Now CenturyLink - NYSE:CTL), and VP Asia for IDT Telecom (NYSE: IDT).

Following his business career, and before joining UMGC, Mark taught for nine years in graduate MBA and undergraduate business programs at both large public and US-owned private universities in Thailand. He holds a JD (International Business Transactions) from the University of Utah and BS in international business from the University of Colorado.